In the middle of the Mojave Desert, dozens of miles from the nearest pavement, a lone phone booth stands on a dirt road. One evening, in the mid 1990's, the phone starts ringing...

MOJAVE is a devised piece of multimedia theatre which incorporates a live DJ score, physical theatre and projection to tell this incredible story. Based entirely on real transcripts and audio recordings, we follow Goddfrey ‘Doc’ Daniels as his singular obsession with calling a phone number in the back of a magazine leads to the world’s first viral cult sensation. MOJAVE tells the true story of the Mojave Desert phone booth: how it was discovered, how it rose to cult status and how it became a place where being miles away from the nearest sign of civilisation was the only way to feel connected.

Previous Praise 


"Mojave is a stunningly filmic piece of theatre that brings together nostalgia for the early days of the Internet, the fun of 90s slacker comedies and the quirkiness of rural America to delightful effect."


"the enthusiasm and positivity of MOJAVE left me with a renewed sense of joy at the incredible possibilities of the digital age, and excitement at the thought of seeing more vividly sensuous theatre"


"a strangely endearing tale about human fascination and anonymous connection"

The tab

The show was first performed in November 2017 at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge. Much like the phone-booth itself, our production in Cambridge had the feeling of a cult hit. On for only three nights at the lateshow slot of 11pm, we managed to amass a passionate crowd for this more experimental slot.

After a sell out run at the Camden People’s Theatre, our run has been extended to include the 12th and 13th of April.


Since our last production, Doc Daniels has released a book about the Mojave Phone Booth and in a weird twist of fate, his story ends with our production being performed in Cambridge. We have become a part of the story we were telling. As such we want to start thinking more about our own involvement in this narrative and, in particular our distance from it; as young people born not only on the other side of the Atlantic but also after the advent of the digital age.

"Creating Mojave with this team has been an utter joy; it has been a delight to be able to tell Doc's story with such playfulness, and I can’t wait to see what theatrical alchemy we concoct as we continue to find exciting ways to tell this wonderful tale"

~ Joe 

"it is also unexpectedly touching, and as the literal credits roll on stage you may find yourself wondering why you feel a little melancholic – and why you have so much to question about modern technology and communication – all because of a phone booth."


"I was an audience member for the last show and was really instantly enamoured with the show. A phone booth in the middle of the desert is such a beautifully mundane yet somehow extraordinary thing and I think Doc's story is a fun and interesting example of how the human brain can just latch on a particular quirk and want to explore and discover the puzzle. I'm really excited for this show because of what it was when I watched it the first time and what I, and the rest of the team, believe it can become"

~ Ollie

"This show has been extremely rewarding to work on. I’ve never felt so part of an ensemble before. The story of the phone booth itself and the people who became obsessed with it is so strangely beautiful and unique that I can’t wait to do it again!"

~ Harry 

"MOJAVE is not only an incredible story, but such an exciting mix of physical theatre, devising, improvisation and verbatim. It's so new and different, and the real people who populate the story are so warm and likeable that it is, without a doubt, the most excited I have ever been about performing in a play"  

~ Adam 

"I felt really lucky to be in the room whilst MOJAVE was being made. It harnessed the best energies of a group of friends getting together. Calling the phone booth and sitting in excited anticipation together, messing around with mime and mimicking recordings from a buffet of eccentric callers somehow came together in a show that captured all that wackiness. I loved the blue-jeans-and-a-tee-shirt vibe of throwing together our findings in front of an audience and drawing them into the excitement and discovery of the booth with us. It felt very sincere and original - I can’t wait to get in a room with everyone again and see what they come up with.  

~ Shimali 

"If you want to feel what it is like to be a part of the fantastic energy that fuels this show then do one thing. Pick up your phone and call this number: 760-733-9969 Let it ring, let the automated voice take you to the conference call and then pick a line. Feel your pulse increase as you realise that somewhere in the world another person could be dialling up and could be on that same line and you could start a conversation. I remember all of us on the first day of rehearsal doing just this, and the possibility of being connected to a random person on the other side of the world through this other worldly phone-line was electrifying. And that’s today - when we have FaceTime and Skype and messenger which all connect us all the time. Imagine back in the 90s before all these possibilities, before social media. The Mojave Phonebooth was ahead of it’s time and an absolute phenomenon and I think it still remains one. Doc’s story is one that weaves INCREDIBLE larger than life characters with with UNBELIEVABLE events and it takes place in the middle of a goddam desert which is awesome. It’s a unique one. I think Jonny has stumbled upon something really special and it’s just very cool that I get to help tell this story."

~ Emma  


...with support from the deuceofclubs himself!

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